Frosty Morning

Photo taken with the Obscura camera app, edited in Photos and PS Express. More a case of exploring what the app can do than producing a good image,


No books…

We moved house about 6 weeks ago, and my book making equipment, materials etc. are still packed in boxes in what will, I hope, eventually be my work room. The same room also contains most of our other books, and my sewing gear, though not, fortunately, my knitting wool and needles.

One thing I have been doing since we moved is taking lots of photos of the views from our new house. So, desperately needing some sort of creative outlet, I have been playing around with my photos and the excess of apps I have on my iPad.

This one was taken with the Obscura camera app. I don’t really understand how to get the best from it, but it took some good photos this evening. This is the original.

The processing apps I used were Distressed FX for added colour and corvids – we have plenty of real ones but they are never around when you want them – and PhotoToaster to take the colour away and add a bit of a moody vignette.