Fresh off the needles…

and in hazy monochrome because it was difficult to photograph and I don’t like the colour. 

In other news, the giant gloves are on holiday in Bognor Regis, where they are appearing at the Space Gallery, from Friday.


Another sample?

Or a finished piece? I’m not sure – but I like it.

Another sample

Another experiment with tucks, using felting (wool) and non-felting (cotton) fibres. The cotton is very vintage – the ball bands are marked in ounces,  which suggests it’s at least 40 years old. It may also have shrunk slightly, but the colour didn’t run, which I was more worried about. 

Lots of possibilities, I think.

Another sample.

In technicolour this time.

I really like this Shibori technique: I like the tone on tone variation you get with it, and the textural variation too.