All over bar the shouting.









Yesterday was the last day for putting up the Degree Show. Exciting, exhausting, and ultimately a bit depressing – so many things I could have done better. But I don’t believe in saying ‘if only’, so I won’t.

It looks a bit drab in the photos – I think it looks better in reality, so we have to hope that the camera does lie occasionally, or is, at least, economical with the truth.

The next steps are: going back to pick up my ‘back up material’, three trips for stewarding the show, and dismantling everything. Five more trips, assuming we can get everything in the car at the end. It took three trips to get it there, but if we take down the bigger armatures, they should all go in. Maybe. And at the end of the month I will get my results…

So the big question is, what next? At the moment I don’t have much idea, but the one thing I don’t see in my future is any more education. I worked out this morning that over the last 12 years I’ve spent 9 in some form of part time education – that’s ‘accredited’ courses, not ‘leisure’ courses, for those familiar with FE speak (although that’s probably changed in the 10 years since I retired).

I also don’t see any big gloves in my future – the smaller the better, from now on!


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  1. So looking forward to seeing this Celia, having had the pleasure of watching some of the ideas unfold. Always a strange time when all the hard work is done but perhaps now you can enjoy a bit of play time with your art. Congratulations.

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