Work in slow progress




3 thoughts on “Work in slow progress

  1. Celia, I had a look at your blog after you liked one of my posts. I am interested to see you working with the glove/hand form, as I have been for the last 3 – 4 years. I have not experimented with scale in the ways that you have though. I also make it a ‘rule’ that anything I make is wearable – ie it could actually keep someone’s hands warm.
    All the best with what you’re doing

    1. Not sure if you picked it up from the blog, but the gloves are destined to be part of my degree show at the University of Chichester in May. Until last year I always made things that were, at least in theory, wearable, but art school does funny things to you.

      Love your blog and I’ve added it to my reader.

      1. Yes I realised that is what you are doing. Go for it while you’ve got the chance. Thanks for liking my blog. There’s a ton of stuff on it! All the best with the big gloves!

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